On the web, an authentic digital professional profile.

“Authentic” means showing a bit of your personality. This was one of Nik Nyman’s advice for a professional profile on LinkedIn.

“Digital” refers to our digital footprint. This profile will be part of our digital footprint and can be validated or invalidated by our other digital footprints.

“Professional” tells us that we expect this to be related to our career. A part of our employability appeal to potential employers.

“Profile” would be a description of ourselves. In a profile meant for potential employers to view, Michael Weiss had advised to “find the two or three things that really stand out” to “whet their appetite” instead of telling the whole story.

An authentic digital professional profile starts from the social media accounts that you have right now. In order to control the information that goes public, we need to monitor the privacy settings of each account, making sure that we know what went public.

An example of a devastating consequence of not managing information on social media effectively, would be Justine Sacco’s plight after a tweet. The tweet had caused her to lose her job.

According to Jobvite’s social recruiting survey, the top social network used for recruiting is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is different from Facebook (the social network placed second for recruiting), in the sense that LinkedIn is more for professional purposes.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to have the next step (after managing the flow of information) to be creating or managing your LinkedIn account.

This video for beginners shows 5 useful tips for managing a LinkedIn account.

As we can see from the video, LinkedIn can be an effective means of increasing your visibility, if managed well.

Consider LinkedIn to be a resume on social media.

Is the resume the end of our employability appeal?

Do we have other ways of increasing our visibility?

Blogging is an option.

Blogging is a digital footprint that can showcase examples of our written or design work. It can be considered as a work sample depending on the job.

Blogging regularly shows that you have persistence. Blogging about the industry that you are in, is a good way for you to create a work-learning environment for yourself. It shows that you are motivated to learn.

As we can see from the above, blogging is one way to set us apart from other candidates.

In conclusion, social information, profile and blogs are key.

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